The road to sustainable fashion

Our promise

"The way in which the fashion industry operates is no longer ethically acceptable. We're working together to create a more healthy value chain for fashion, so that we can feel great about our outfits as well as the planet."

Vera & Thomas

More sustainable, step by step

Changing the world takes a while. Unfortunately, it isn't possible to be 100% sustainable from day one.

Here's where we are at right now:


With our shared library of styles, we make sure items of clothing are worn more often and by more people, requiring less new items to be bought by individuals.


We compensate our CO2 emissions from deliveries by planting trees with our partner Trees for All.


We clean our clothes without harmful chemicals and with the help of our cleaning partner Stomerij van Sloun, we utilise a unique water recycling system.


Using Stripe Climate, we automatically contribute 0.5% of our revenue to carbon removal.

And soon:


In 2023, we will launch bicycle courier service in some of our largest cities. This will allow us to deliver your outfits both faster and more sustainably.


We are working with partners to expand our collection with unique outfits that are produced using new sustainable production methods.

Are you part of an organisation that can help us as a partner to make the Sueter platform more sustainable? Email us.