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High-end brands, sustainably delivered for you to wear straight away.

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Always access to the newest fashion

Sueter is the only app you will ever need for your designer fashion. With direct access to the newest styles from the Sueter collection, you can get a new outfit delivered to you instantly.

Guaranteed delivery within one day, and soon within one hour.

As soon as you're done wearing your outfit, just send it back to us. Our cleaning partners will give it a professional clean, so that we can get it ready as a new outfit for the next Sueterer.

This way, we can together consume much less clothing, whilst still always looking fashionable.

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Your favourite fashion app

The Sueter Collection always contains the latest styles and trends. Build your new outfit directly in the app.


Discover the newest styles by searching by category, season or occasion.


Put together your own, curated online library in the app by selecting all your favorite items.


Order the items you want to wear. They'll be delivered within 24 hours so you can shine in your new outfit.

Developed together with fashion designers

Sustainable, from the start

Sueter was founded with the ambition to change consumers' behaviour with regards to fashion.

Our goal is to have more people use less clothing. By doing so, we decrease the amount of new items of clothing produced, whilst still allowing people to wear the newest styles. A win-win, for ourselves and for the planet!


Fewer items of clothing, which are worn more often


Full CO2 compensation for delivery and cleaning


Cleaned without harmful chemicals, and with re-used water

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